An Introduction

Gaming is an extremely unproductive hobby. As an adult, you don’t really gain anything new from games. Sure, you’ll run into some new words here and there, or you might pick up some random piece of trivia. But I swear 99% of the time you’re plopped in one spot staring at a screen for an hour minimum. I’m afraid to count how many hours I’ve spent playing games. I’m ashamed. I could be out there lifting weights, or running, or looking for a job, or literally anything else. But gaming is my comfort zone. My soft, pillowy retreat from the world. My own personal honey-glazed donut oven. I don’t want to get out because I hate failure and rejection and I want to achieve without investing any actual time or effort.

This is not new. This isn’t a unique perspective on the topic. This is the kind of stuff you (think you) hear from your parents everyday. But I’m not giving up my honey-glazed donuts. They color my drab, meaningless existence. They’re a symptom, not the illness. I just don’t want it to consume any more of my life. Giocollect is an outlet for me to write about game-related stuff and practice writing. I’m also going to talk about self-improvement and little things I’m doing to make my life better.

In terms of game-related stuff, I’m really into the DS and 3DS, but I’m sort of getting into other consoles too. I just graduated recently and I’m still looking for a job, so I don’t have a lot of money to buy stuff yet. Handhelds are my jam because they’re cheaper yet way more interesting than home consoles. Anyway, I’ll write more about myself over time. Off to play Phoenix Wright now thx.


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